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Amore and Ameen
avatar "Glamour is about attitude, individual style and - crucially - a certain confidence, rather than the biggest heels, biggest hat and sparkliest jewels (though take not, these things help)."


Ralph Lauren Spring 2012

As many of you know, The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite novels. I’ve styled the characters several times here and Daisy Buchanan is easily in my top posts. Last week at the Ralph Lauren show, I couldn’t help but think of the East Egg and West Egg gang. All the clues were…


Gucci S/S 2012 RTW.

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(via Alberta Ferretti Spring 2012 | Milan Fashion Week)

I’m so so so so sorry for being away for so long. (A) I had exams (B) Then there was this great holiday to CA and (C) I got lazy :) 

notoriouslymee-deactivated20130: I absolutely love your blog!

Thank you sweets - the feeling is mutual!


Alice Lee via Fashion 156
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hello! :)

Alexander Wang - love it.